twgdu       get_defined_user
twte        tpl_edit_block
twhtml      html5
twdump      dump
&           &


Cm          K, E        encrypt transcrypt_password
Cm          K, D        decrypt transcrypt_password

Cm          ENTER       add line
Cm+Sh       ENTER       add line before

Ct+Sh       T           terminal

Cm          I, V        towebu_insert_version
Cm          I, S        towebu_insert_stamp
Cm          I, D        towebu_insert_date
Cm          I, T        towebu_insert_time

Cm+Ct       U, F        sftp_upload_file
Cm+Ct       U, O        sftp_download
Cm+Ct       U, I        sftp_diff_remote_file
Cm+Ct       U, W        sftp_browse_remote

Cm+Ct       U, S        sftp_show_panel
Cm+Ct       U, X        sftp_cancel_upload

Cm          K, V        paste_from_history

Cm+Sh       O           select_favorite_file

Cm          K, S        filter_lines string
Cm          K, R        filter_lines regex

Cm          \, :(;)     align_tab :
Cm          \, =        align_tab =
Cm          \, a        align_array =>

Cm          L           expand_selection LINE
Cm+St       J           expand_selection INDENT
Cm+St       SPACE       expand_selection SCOPE
Cm+St       A           expand_selection TAG
Cm+St       B           expand_selection BRACKETS
Cm          B           move_to BRACKETS


CS      C           color_convert
CSA     C           hex_to_hsl

C A     J           reindent_json

C A     Backspace   delete_blank_lines
CSA     Backspace   delete_blank_lines SURPLUS
  A     [           move_to_group 0 LEFT
  A     ]           move_to_group 1 RIGHT

C       [           focus_group 0 LEFT
C       ]           focus_group 1 RIGHT

C A     [           set_layout big LEFT
C A     ]           set_layout big RIGHT
 SA     5           set_layout 3 VIEWS

CS      T, M, N     toggle_menu
CS      T, M, M     toggle_minimap
CS      T, S        toggle_side_bar
CS      T, W        toggle_setting word_wrap
CS      T, H        hws_toggle_whitespaces

? CSA     P           print_scope
C A     G           find_all_under
C       Y           redo_or_repeat
C       U           soft_undo
CS      U           soft_redo
CS      V           paste_and_indent
C A     DOWN        select_lines forward
C A     UP          select_lines back
        F11         toggle_full_screen
 S      F11         toggle_distraction_free
CS      L           split_selection_into_lines
C       T           transpose
CS      W           insert_snippet LONG-TAG
CS      \, \        reindent

Snippet Vars

$PARAM1, $PARAM2…   Arguments passed to the insert_snippet command. (Not covered here.)
$SELECTION          The text that was selected when the snippet was triggered.
$TM_CURRENT_LINE    Content of the line the cursor was in when the snippet was triggered.
$TM_CURRENT_WORD    Current word under the cursor when the snippet was triggered.
$TM_FILENAME        File name of the file being edited including extension.
$TM_FILEPATH        File path to the file being edited.
$TM_FULLNAME        User’s user name.
$TM_LINE_INDEX      Column the snippet is being inserted at, 0 based.
$TM_LINE_NUMBER     Row the snippet is being inserted at, 1 based.
$TM_SOFT_TABS       YES if translate_tabs_to_spaces is true, otherwise NO.
$TM_TAB_SIZE        Spaces per-tab (controlled by the tab_size option).